A Personal Look at OneMind.io: Local Entrepreneur Ben Gillens' Impact on Art

Empowering Artists through Blockchain: How Ben Gillens' OneMind Revolutionizes the Creative Landscape

OneMind.io Revolutionizes Art

In August 2022, Benjamin Gillens, known as "Ben," spoke at the Weatherford Lions Club, sharing his journey from doctor to American entrepreneur, angel investor, and early adopter of Bitcoin and blockchain startups, such as OneMind.

On May 5, 2023, Time Lock Labs, Inc., co-founded by Ben, unveiled their OneMind "Drops" feature on Bloomberg. This feature provides creators and artists with powerful creative tools and opportunities for visibility and success. The specialized algorithm personalizes each user's homepage, displaying works of art, music, or collections of interest within the platform.

Having known Ben for decades, I find it inspiring to witness him applying his talents and dedication to such a groundbreaking venture. Through OneMind, he fosters innovation and creativity while building a thriving community of artists and enthusiasts.

OneMind leads the NFT movement, utilizing blockchain technology to create a platform that allows artists to monetize their digital artwork. By establishing a marketplace for NFT art, OneMind lends legitimacy and credibility to this emerging field. The platform provides royalty payments for secondary sales, ensuring fair compensation for artists and allowing them to benefit from the increased value of their creations over time.

OneMind is the Artist Launchpad for the Future

OneMind is an Artist Launchpad

Despite concerns regarding the potential risks and challenges posed by NFTs, it is evident that NFT art is here to stay, and the traditional art community must adapt to this new landscape. OneMind paves the way, committing to transparency and artist-centric practices.

Amid the mounting pressure to build personal brands with a "blue check," Ben's company, OneMind, emphasizes the importance of all artists and strives to offer them a space to showcase their work and engage with the community. Access, tools, collaboration, showcasing, community building, and royalties represent the aspirations of today's creatives, and OneMind is dedicated to leading the charge.

Congratulations, Ben, and thank you for enriching our communities! We eagerly anticipate your address to our community of Lions in 2023!