Happy Blessed Freedom Day! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Local Veteran Celebrates 101

Happy Blessed Freedom Day!

I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with veteran Jean Buford, a remarkable woman who happens to share my family name. At 101 years old, Jean still lives independently and drives herself around! Our encounter left a lasting impression on me.

Feeling old and disheveled after a fall in my pasture, which left me with a banged-up leg, I approached Jean limping and complaining about my age. However, the moment she hugged me, my attitude shifted entirely.

Jean joined the Navy in 1944, stepping up because her father had no sons to serve. She felt it was her duty to participate in securing our freedoms. During boot camp, she attended mail clerk school and was assigned to a base in Manhattan, where she managed V-mail. Jean was also part of a singing platoon, showcasing her diverse talents.

We reminisced about the changes in America since WWII, focusing on the importance of community and patriotism. Our shared stories deepened our connection and reminded us of the enduring spirit of our nation.

As our conversation ended, I thanked Jean for shifting my perspective. I realized I am young, healthy, and have so much to look forward to. Jean's wisdom and outlook on life were transformative. From now on, I will never call myself old again. Thank you, Jean, for changing my perspective in such a short sliver of time.

Happy Blessed Freedom Day to all!