Healing Hooves and Hearts

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Jeannine and Clay

Adopt a Horse

In the heart of Parker County, a beacon of hope and healing stands tall - the Stars and Strides Stables, a sanctuary where majestic horses offer solace and therapy to those in need. This extraordinary organization extends its compassionate embrace to a diverse group of beneficiaries, including disabled individuals, valiant veterans grappling with depression or PTSD, children with challenges, and the broader community. But the magic of Stars and Strides doesn't end there; it also provides a unique form of joy and fulfillment to its volunteers, many of whom are ardent animal lovers, finding therapy in their service to others.

My journey with animals, particularly those who serve alongside us, has been a profound chapter in my life. Having spent years partnering with explosive detection canines, I've witnessed firsthand the remarkable contributions these creatures make to our society. More recently, my eyes were opened to the incredible therapeutic potential of horses. At Stars and Strides, horses retired from various disciplines like cutting, barrel racing, and show jumping find a second lease on life, offering their gentle presence as a source of healing and companionship.

The stable's latest initiative, the "Adopt a Horse" program, is a heartfelt call to our community. It invites us to welcome these retired equine athletes into our hearts, providing them with a purposeful retirement serving from Stars and Strides Stables. These horses, though retired in body, still possess a spirited willingness to serve, to connect, and to heal. Adopting one of these noble creatures is not just an act of charity; it's a partnership. You will receive a bio of your horse with a storied past, complete with credentials and a detailed history of their achievements, echoing the transparency and connections fostered by programs like Feed the Children.

Imagine the joy and purpose these horses can bring to their new roles, offering their calming presence to those in need while enjoying the love and care they so richly deserve. This initiative is not just about animal welfare; it's about community, healing, and the incredible bond between humans and animals.

If your heart is stirred by the thought of making a meaningful difference in the lives of these horses and the individuals they serve, I urge you to reach out to Stars and Strides Stables at (817) 929-0020 or starsandstrides.org.

By participating in the Adopt a Horse program, you're not just offering a retired horse a loving home; you're also embracing the therapeutic journey that these magnificent animals facilitate. Join us in this noble endeavor and experience the transformative power of connection, purpose, and animal-assisted therapy. Your support can light up lives, both human and equine, fostering a circle of healing that reverberates throughout our community.