Igniting Unity: Krish Dhanam's Call for Hope, Civility, and Purpose in a Divided World

Discovering the Power of Shared Passions and Restoring the Foundations of Honor in Our Communities

Recently, a group of parker county republican women hosted a meeting with world-renowned speaker, Krish Dhanam, a self-described proud immigrant who lives in Dallas, Texas.

Like many others, I found myself wanting to jump out of my seat to give a standing ovation with every new thought he shared. Krish told us about his arrival to America, his thankfulness to be a citizen, and his concerns as a patriot. In fact, he even offered a powerful plan for our county to build a strong and unified community.

People often tell me they are tired of politics. Or maybe they’re “tired of the fire hose of information and misinformation.” Nonetheless, people are tired. As a clear battle plays out before our eyes, it is no wonder we get caught in the crossfire.

Somehow, many have been persuaded to jump into the conflict, actively participating in it by allowing themselves to be pitted against one another. The ongoing narratives in our mainstream media have become a foundation for social disharmony.

I believe we may be pawns of an agenda that is not quite clear to us. It could be a political agenda, the pursuit of power, or even what the scriptures call the “pride of life” (see 1 John 2:16).

Let’s step out of the information highway—where folks are traveling at MACH speed—and take a breather.

While you catch your breath, ask yourself what truly matters to you. What could motivate you to jump out of bed at 5:30 AM whether you are well-rested or not?

Is it your family; your job; the state of affairs in your city, county, or state? What about the plight of your neighbors or the kids in the struggling school system? Whatever that motivating factor is for you, I encourage you to find someone who is likeminded, and figure out a way to activate yourself in service of that passion. That’s what our community needs.

I often feel concerned that the onslaught of information keeps us in a continual stupor, keeps us from actively pursuing our passions, our community, and our love of our neighbors as ourselves!

That’s a novel concept these days.

I like to say that life is a story, not a timeline. I felt for a brief 20 minutes at this meeting that I had stepped off the timeline and entered the story of a man who promotes hope and vision. Krish Dhanam, thank you! Thank you for giving us a vision for the future possibilities of our adventures and for showing by example that our tongues are the pen of a ready writer (see Ps. 45:1). May we use our voices to speak truth, impart hope, and shine light in the darkness.

I’d like to leave you with a powerful statement that Krish made and ask you to meditate on how you can activate with your fellow humans and make a difference one relationship at a time. May we stop attacking our friends and neighbors—knowing we are all on the side of humanity and long to live full of love, hope, and peace in the land of the free and the brave.

"The time has come for a return to the founding foundations of honor and civility, decency and decorum. Stop listening to the hollow echoes of discontent and search for voices of restoration and renewal. Mahatma Gandhi said we are the change we expect. Ronald Reagan called this land the shining city on a hill. To make a change and create a spark that illuminates a mountain and creates a glow, we must first move from the darkness within to the light above. Stand beside, guide, and save her for the future. If this experiment in freedom fails, the world will have lost the blueprint created out of belief, built by shed tears, offered by benevolence, and signed with an expectation of the gallows." — Krish Dhanam, author, speaker, proud immigrant, grateful citizen & concerned patriot,February 2023.

May you find your role in the sea of humanity longing for purpose.