Parker County Ice House: A Culinary Oasis Beyond Fort Worth

Savoring the Surprises at Trident Restaurant Group's Charming New Venture

The Best Grilled Cheese in DFW

Review Score: ★★★★★ (5 of 5)

Location: 210 Willow Bend Dr, Willow Park, TX 76008

Parker County Ice House, the third concept by Fort Worth-based Trident Restaurant Group, makes its debut in Parker County on Ranch House Road. While the group's first two establishments, Wishbone & Flynt and Tres Mogli, grace south Fort Worth, this new addition brings casual dining and entertainment to the outskirts.

The Ice House features a large patio connected to an outdoor entertainment venue, creating a relaxed atmosphere for patrons. Live entertainment, available on a predetermined schedule, sometimes requires a cover charge, depending on the performing talent. The outdoor patio is both kid-friendly and pet-friendly, with some restrictions in place.

At first glance, the menu offers mostly standard bar fare, with an abundance of fried dishes and numerous burger variations—all cooked in duck fat—created in a "comfort-based kitchen," as the website states. Despite the emphasis on fried options, the menu features some lighter fare, particularly the salads, which can also be ordered as wraps. We sampled some of the most popular dishes, conveniently highlighted on the menu.

For appetizers, the potato skins caught our attention. Lighter and less greasy than TGI Fridays' version from years past, they were thick enough to mimic a loaded baked potato but not so thin as to be overcooked. The real bacon, ample green onions, and accompanying ranch dressing elevated the dish, although it could have benefited from more cheese.

Potato Skins served by The Parker County Ice House

We selected two entrées: the fish and chips and the four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich. The fish and chips, a popular menu item, did not disappoint. The fish batter was crispy, while the fish remained tender, albeit slightly oily. The grilled lemon added a pleasant touch.

Both dishes were served with waffle chips, lightly salted and seasoned to perfection. The fries were neither overcooked nor undercooked, offering a satisfying crispy exterior and soft interior.

The four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich was the standout. Its generous size and homemade sourdough base provided ample room for the blend of provolone, white cheddar, American, and goat cheese. The combination of flavors, highlighted by the tangy goat cheese, transformed this classic dish into a culinary masterpiece. It merits the title of "The Best Grilled Cheese in DFW."

We eagerly anticipate returning to the Ice House, especially since they have recently introduced a brunch menu. With any luck, their take on eggs Benedict will be as delightful as their grilled cheese.