Texas Republicans Rally Behind "Contract with Texas" to Reform House Leadership

New Initiative "Contract with Texas" Gains Momentum for House Leadership Reforms

MIke Olcott

Republican nominee for TX HD 60, Mike Olcott has signed and announced his support for a new initiative, the "Contract with Texas," which aims to hold the next Speaker of the House accountable for specific reforms enhancing the House's integrity, transparency, and efficiency. This movement responds to long-standing demands from Texans following controversies like those involving Ken Paxton and questionable actions by state representatives.

The initiative has received overwhelming and positive feedback from Republican voters, who have long awaited such a commitment. "At its core, it's us saying to the voters of Texas, we hear you," Olcott stated. He emphasized the need for the government to listen to its citizens, especially when core tenets of the constitutional system and individual liberties are consistently under threat.

Olcott said the Speaker of the Texas House wields far too much power and that most members of the TX House find themselves working for the speaker rather than the voters whom they represent. He claims that the "Contract with Texas" is designed to upend the corrupt dysfunction of liberal Austin leadership. The initiative's supporters are committed to ending "business as usual" in the Texas House, as evidenced by recent primary results indicating widespread dissatisfaction with the current Republican leadership.

The contract, formulated by 13 incoming freshmen (including Olcott) and incumbents, outlines a comprehensive reform plan with 12 bullet points focusing on accountability and transparency. It promises to address voter concerns and fulfill GOP priorities, marking a significant shift in Texas House operations.

Olcott highlighted his experience over the years beginning as a precinct chair, noting that many voters are disillusioned by empty promises and political drama. The contract aims to provide clear and transparent information to the public, contrasting with past practices of secrecy and hearsay.

Incoming freshmen Republicans have campaigned on a platform of change, rejecting the status quo and pledging to reform the House upon their election. Olcott praised this approach, emphasizing the need to return power to the voters and end the practice of electing Democrat committee chairmen who obstruct GOP priorities.

The "Contract with Texas" has garnered support both within and outside the political establishment, with many acknowledging its potential impact. Curently, 21 incoming Republican State Representatives have signed. Grassroots activists across Texas are urging others to join the movement and support the contract.

For more information on the 12 points of the contract and for an updated list of signees, visit contractwithtexas.org