Weatherford College Board Extends President Tod Allen Farmer's Contract

Board Approves 6% Raise for President, 2023-24 Tuition and Fees

Weatherford College Board

The Weatherford College Board of Trustees recently voted to extend President Tod Allen Farmer's contract through 2026 and approved a 6% raise in his salary. The board also approved the 2023-24 tuition and fees schedule, which includes an $8 increase per semester credit hour for in-district students and a new technology fee of $10 per semester credit hour.

Board Chairman Mac Smith praised Farmer's leadership and the contributions of the entire team at Weatherford College. Farmer expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to serve with the dynamic stakeholders of the institution and credited the entire team for propelling the college forward.

The 2023-24 tuition and fees schedule aims to keep education costs low and accessible for students in the community. Board member G.B. Bailey expressed optimism that the new tuition and fees would encourage more people to enter the education field.

In addition to these items, the board addressed a range of other topics, including approving the minutes from the previous board meeting, approving financial reports and a quarterly investment report, and authorizing the college president to proceed with an application for a Registered Texas Historical Marker to be placed at the DeBresson stable located on the Carter property.

President Farmer also shared updates on new academic programs, an alum's recent Grammy win, and the recognition of the women's tennis team as the 15th-ranked team in the nation by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

The Weatherford College Board of Trustees remains committed to the continued growth and success of the institution, providing accessible and affordable education to students in the community.